29 September 2010


With brute force he reaches his hand deep into the earth. Down and down and down he digs, pulling his hand out occasionally to marvel at this rock or that bottlecap. Down and down and down he digs, searching for the center.

He loves roots.

04 September 2010


Frenetic-ley and somewhat afraid-ley, moving into the light just a little bit--the only one in the room uncomfortable in the light, not because of anything that the light is, but because of what the light shows. She steals the puzzled looks from others' faces and saves them in a box until she can fit them together.

It starts raining and she sits down to feel the ground.


I picked a flower for you
on my way home from the war
and I walked and I walked
with the flower in my hand
and you didn't notice it
so I left it on the floor.